Charlotte Adigéry

Paténipat 06:12 Cursed And Cussed 03:51
High Lights 05:08 B B C 04:11 Okashi 03:34

With her new EP Zandoli, Belgian-Caribbean artist Charlotte Adigéry proves herself to be a consummate storyteller. Sometimes patently silly, sometimes deeply introspective, Adigéry’s ever-wandering mind spins tales that are absurd and poignant and ridiculously fun. In the studio Adigéry is joined by known DEEWEE collaborator Bolis Pupul, a descendant of the first and only wave of Chinese immigration to Martinique. After matching on Tinder the pair began to explore their shared histories, resulting in heart-to-heart confessions that seep through the songs of Zandoli.

Recorded, produced and mixed at DEEWEE. Art Direction : Ill-Studio. Painting : Joëlle Dubois.
Charlotte Adigéry