Charlotte Adigéry

Ying Yang Self-Meditation 17:26
Ying Yang Self-Meditation (Instrumental) 17.27

Yin Yang Self-Meditation tape, an audiovisual experience in which Charlotte Adigéry, explores some of her own fears and destructive thoughts, both as a person and as an artist with the aim to break thought-patterns. Available on limited edition cassette. “This tape is an invitation to myself and eventually others to look inwards. It is a ritual for letting go. I was tired of being stuck in a narrow mental reality and I wanted to look beyond. The suffering is not caused by the problem itself. We worry about not having enough. We are anxious about rejection. We fear being misunderstood. We even fear things that lie in the future we do not control. In this meditation I invite you to follow my voice into my own mental state, through paralyzing thought-patterns and blind fears I want to say goodbye to. Openness can lead to understanding, unity and compassion.”

Recorded, produced, mixed and filmed at DEEWEE. Art Direction : Ill-Studio. Video directed : Jorre Janssens.
Charlotte Adigéry