James Righton

Livestream Superstar 2:50 Pause 2:53 Touch 4:05 Release Party 4:22 Real World Park 3:29 Never Give Up On The City 3:26
A Day At The Races 3:57 I Want To Live 5:12 Lover Boy 4:17 Empty Rooms f/ Benny Andersson 3:46 Playing To Win 5:11 Farewell Superstar 1:44

After reaching unfathomable levels of success with nu-rave originators Klaxons, James Righton morphed into one man pop sensation Shock Machine, releasing an acclaimed 2017 album before his first solo adventure under his own name, 2020’s The Performer. In 2022 Righton is reinventing himself yet again, via the stunning synth sounds of Jim, I’m Still Here. On this third post-Klaxons release Righton downs his family man tools to embody a lavish, rockstar alter ego; Jim.

Creative direction: Ill-Studio. Photography: Julian Klincewicz
James Righton