Bolis Pupul

Letter To Yu 03:02 Completely Half 04:20 Goodnight Mr Yi 03:17 Frogs 04:43 Doctor Says 04:02 Spicy Crab 04:47
Ma Tau Wai Road (with Salah Pupul) 04:00 Causeway Bae 03:55 Cantonese 04:53 Kowloon 05:25 Cosmic Rendez-Vous 03:46

BOLIS PUPUL debut solo album LETTER TO YU, out now. Touching upon some of life’s big themes – memory, loss, family and coming to terms and making peace with all of that – the album is a resounding audio triumph. It reconciles the competing sonic strands that make up Bolis’ aesthetic – his European and Asian roots, alongside the overarching presence of the twin American pillars of Detroit techno and Chicago house – in a manner that is pleasingly familiar and creatively inventive.

Photography by Bieke Depoorter / Magnum Photos Creative direction by Thomas le Provost
Bolis Pupul